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BOYABUSE was never intended for publication and would probably would never have had more than very limited circulation if the collection had it not been the subject of criminal charges and a series of highly publicized trials. Having succeeded in court I continued to be subject to hysterical political and media vilification campaign, and harassment by the Vancouver police. One way I can defend myself and my writing is to distribute my works as widely as possible so that people may judge for themselves. I must publish. The credit, or blame for this must be awarded to Detective Noreen Waters of the Vancouver Police Department, the crusading anti-porn activist. She was the principal lobbyist for adding written .material to the definitions in Canada's child pornography laws. She and the other police advocates got practically everything they wanted resulting in the most restrictive legislation in the Western world at the time. She personally took over my case when it was withering due to the marginal nature of the material involved, she reactivated the case, placed me under surveillance and organized a team to arrest me early in the morning. She fed the media sensationalist descriptions, appeared on TV. Not satisfied with distortions she lied to the media and other enforcement officials. My case was to be the crowning achievement of her career.

What is BOYABUSE about? For those who don't see abuse in every instance of child sexual activity or exposed underage genital or anal region the stories are about agency, courage, fortitude. Boyabuse extols virtues currently in disrepute. I intended parts of it to be blackly humorous. I like to treat the most bizarre situations as if they were ordinary, everyday events subject to ordinary concerns and etiquette. My stories are mostly about consensual acts, in the sense of consensual before the word was appropriated and corrupted by activists and legislators. Willing, often for a price, may be more descriptive. While many of my characters are indulgently sadistic only my few villains are really violent or cruel, or practise humiliation. I love playing with serious absurdities.

Robin Sharpe. Vancouver, 2003



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