Stories and Fiction

Peter’s Path

Peter is a thirteen year old boy who gets sick a lot, stares at walls and has fantasies about war, killing, torture, and getting even. In real life he never can get even because he’s a sissy. He will scream loudly if you so much as touch him…

Rupert Unexpurgated

Long before Playboy magazine, long before that word appeared in print and pictures of naked ladies were everywhere, and when it was neither nice nor polite to talk about certain things there lived a boy named Rupert. Rupert was a…

Life on the Corner: The Moon Eyed Beggar’s Tale

This story is written from the point of view of the protagonist Jun, a fourteen year old half blind, crippled, disfigured beggar.
Through flashbacks we learn about his background; orphaned and maimed as a result of counterinsurgency warfare…

Blood & Semen

BLOOD AND SEMEN a novella circa 2200 is a harsh post apocalyptic tale of love and survival in an environmentally debased and politically oppressive world. While it has a number of juicy floggings it is not your typical spanking fetish fare however. It's a love story between two boys about two years apart in a world where cruelty and fortitude are inculcated as the highest virtues. Kami and Sol confront the perversely rational sadosexual world of Warmaster Bolobo and his Psychomaster, Dr. Lorcol, and find refuge, in the infertile Wildlands among the anarchistic Wildis who have rejected or fled the organized nations. The permissive, individualistic, anarchistic society of the Wildis provides an extreme contrast with the authoritarian nations who ceaselessly war over uncontaminated water and fertile women. Yaoi provided much of my original inspiration in terms of the characters' appearances and heroic posing. The geographical setting has a resemblance to the northwestern North American plains which I found convenient.

Algernon At Eton

This is a fictional chronicle of the schooldays of England's best known flagellant at the famous flogging school of Eton College in the mid Nineteenth Century. Algernon Charles Swinburne was a leading Victorian poet and critic whose work was widely acclaimed at the time. He was radical, a free thinker, a supporter of unpopular causes, and a uranian in those pre gay times. The year 2009 marked mark the centenary of his death.




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