Peter is a thirteen year old boy who gets sick a lot, stares at walls and has fantasies about war, killing, torture, and getting even. In real life he never can get even because he’s a sissy. He will scream loudly if you so much as touch him. He’s afraid of sports, riding a bike, or anything where he might get hurt. He worries because he has no hair on his arms and his cock is so small, and he has no money and he has no friends, except for his mirror. He is a racist, his ambition is to own slaves, and he lies and cheats but is afraid to steal, except from Mom. His mother is a TV addict on welfare who shoplifts. Father is Mr. Macho who only comes home to beat up his wife and steal the rent money. He helps Mom tie up his younger brother so she can beat his ass to a bloody pulp, for something Peter did, while Peter is never, never even slapped. He lets his older brother take him downstairs and cornhole him. And he has these nightmares where he is restrained and battered. Peter is a hater and a loser and he’s very scared. But then Peter finds an unusual path to courage. This is his story. You may even end up liking him.





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